Hi, I am Jeannine and the author of this blog.  I have always enjoyed keeping journals, so blogging is a favorite daily adventure of mine.  I like to write about my loving family, our daily highs and lows, and of course all my sewing adventures.  I dedicate this blog to both of my children, and hope they have alot of fun reading it. 

I am currently a Stay At Home Mom with two wonderful children, and a loving husband and West Highland Terrier Dusty.  I sew, and design children’s clothing for my shop Kinder Kouture.  I love to cook, decorate and clean house, and hoard lots of fabrics.  Way too much according to my mom.  Speaking of which, my parents live in Germany, and my sister lives in California.  I am german, and spent most of life living in that wonderful and beautiful country.  I miss it alot, and hope that one day I can share a part of my heritage with my children.  In the meantime though, I will just continue to share my thoughts, hopes and new endeavors with anyone that is interested.