Things that made me smile today….

– its Sunday, so talking to hubby on the phone because it always makes me feel like he is sitting right next to me
– him laughing at Olivia’s awkward pronouncement of certain words
– finishing 10 loads of laundry this weekend
– watching the movie “Dear John” – twice…..

Thank goodness, we are reading a book called “The Magic Schoolbus:  The Electrical Storm”   This book teaches the kids everything about clouds, and thunderstorms.  The first thing Nicolas notices when we are outside is how fast and high the clouds are rising, which means a thunderstorm is right around the corner, and before we knew it, the sky thundered angrily above us.  So, the beach trip we had planned for today was definitely cancelled.  I definitely want to get the kids to the beach before we leave to California.  They have so much fun in the water, and I enjoy watching them laughing and playing.

I am in the midst of collecting plictures for my new website.  Thank goodness, I always keep a sample of everything, and I have a closet of clothes.  I am not too fond of my past pictures, so I intend on rephotographing most of the items and adding the pictures to my website.  This was the dress I made for Olivia for Nicolas’ PreK graduation.  Sounds so funny, doesn’t it?  My goodness that was a year ago.  Amazing how time has flown right by in the last year.  I hope the same happens this year, and we will all be together again as a family before you know it.   The amazing thing about this dress is the fabric.  The eyelet was a cream color cotton, and the eyelet design was absolutely gorgeous.  I bought the fabric at Joann’s and before you knew it they were out of the fabric.  However this year, I was able to snatch the same fabric and get enough to offer it in my shop.  I also love this pattern, which I purchased at (  It always amazes me how non-attractive a pattern can look, but how beautiful your garment ends up looking.  This was such a case.  I put the dress on her recently, and I love it.  It was so easy to make, but the pattern description did not appeal to me whatsoever.  

So, what is next?  Well I have a baby 4th of July outfit that I want to finish, and I intend on putting an outfit together for Olivia.  So hopefully this week will be full of sewing surprises.  In the meantime, here are a few inspiration fabrics I found on Etsy[]=tags&includes[]=title[]=tags&includes[]=title[]=tags&includes[]=title

See the full gallery on posterous

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