Things that made me smile today…..
a lovely morning spent with friends
– this beautiful dress I finished
– taking some really great pics of Olivia
– the rain
– only 28 days until I get to see my family and husband.  WOOHoo!

I promise I have not been hiding.  I have been busy trying to set up a website.  I am tired of having my blog in one place, my pictures in another, and my shop in another.  It is time to group them together under one name, and it has been a lot of work.  My advice to anyone thinking about it, pay someone.  I bought my website at Photocrati (, but it is a tedious and time consuming set-up.  I don’t recommend it to anyone who does not know what they are doing.  I have been on the phone for days talking to people.  One of the reasons I wanted to undertake this long journey by myself is because I am so picky about what I want everything to look like, and what I want to portray to my readers and customers.  The main thing is that you will be able to find me at Kinder Kouture ( or no matter what.

On another note, I have been trying to play catch-up after being sick last week.  The above dress – July 4th Party Dress ( has been in the back of my mind for weeks.  It was sitting on my cutting board just wanting to be sewn up.  I finally got to it yesterday.  I had 2 hours before Nicolas came home, and I was determined to finish it and post it to my new website as soon as I went live, but not everything can go as planned.  So here are the pictures of Olivia modeling.  

It is a simple pattern, made out of red and white seersucker.  The white satin ribbon holds the dress up.  The reason behind this choice of pattern was simple.  On July 4th, we are headed to a huge 4th of July neighborhood party.  They have watersides and make-up artists for the kids, and of course we will be grilling.  I bought her a cute red and white polka dot bikini, which she can put underneath the dress.  So she will look great for the first part of the day, and later on she is free to take it off and run around the water games.  Add a little bit of blue to the outfit, and it is perfect.  As you can see from the top picture, she can wear it during any other time of the summer season as well.  Seersucker is the choice fabric for the south.  It is so light and easy to care for.

Ok, now I am off to clean my house, because tomorrow I want to start on my next sewing project, and hopefully get caught up before the weekend begins.

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