Things that made me smile today….
– Poohsticks
– spending the morning at the park with friends, who just happened to buy donuts……yes….that is what friends are all about
– a major project that I am working on
– talking to my hubby
– knowing that my mom is going to Carmel for her birthday

It was an awesome weekend.  A little bit of this, and a lot of happiness.  My friend jumpstarted my day at 8:15am by calling me.  Yes, I immediately jumped because I thought it was Lance, and I was getting an early phone call this weekend.  She pretty much made me smile when she told me that she was headed to the park with the kids, and some donuts, and invited us to join her.  I am so glad that she got us out there early, because it was hot, and it was humid.  By the time we got home around noonish, I could not get my body to cool down.  It was at that moment that I decided that we were not going to the beach this weekend.    The thought of sitting in that hot sand for several hours with no relief was too much too bare.

So, I spent the afternoon setting up the pool, and the kids had a grand time playing outside all afternoon.  They never stopped.  They played zoo, and Olivia was a dolphin, and Nicolas was an alligator.  They filled up buckets with water and leaves, in which the leaves represented turtles.  A rainboot was a Lion, and another an Elephant.  I knew that they would be incredibly exhausted at night, so I cooked dinner early, and at 5:45pm, Olivia was fast asleep in her bed, with Nicolas close behind.  I enjoyed spending the weekend with them, and I was hoping to have a little more me time, but oh well I will have to wait until Olivia gets a bit older before she can do things without mommy.  I just know that after listening to my son whine after our park date, that we were going to have such a boring weekend at home, tonight his only words were “AWESOME Mom”  “I have  not had this much fun in a long time”.

Here I was practicing my shutter speed and trying to freeze the action.  I am pretty amazed at how well this picture turned out.  Yes, this is my little devil in action.  I had originally asked Nicolas to jump in and while I was setting my camera, she got up on the stool and said Mommy Look.  LOL.  She did start off with a bathing suit, but hey you know how 3-year olds can be.

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