Although yesterday was the perfect day, it ended on a sour note, when my stomach decided to give me a few problems throughout the night.  I assume I got some kind of adult version of the stomach bug, and up until about an hour ago, I was incapable of doing anything that did not cause some kind of nauseating feeling inside of my body.  Oh well, it is over, and I managed to eat some soup and crackers, so I am moving on.  Food still tastes and smells yucky, but hey I have been trying to lose five pounds, and maybe this will prove to be the ultimate diet yet.  I told the kids that I was incapable of cooking anything with a smell or texture for tonight’s dinner, but they were fine.  Olivia agreed to share my soup and Nicolas settled with Spagetti O’s. We all had a banana for dessert, and read a few books before heading to bed.

I wanted to tell everyone that I registered my domain name with Blogger.  This means that my blog is located at  I had no idea whether or not Blogger would post a page stating that my blog can now be located at this new page, but since I have received a few comments regarding this issue I thought I better post about the change.  It humbles me to know that so many people really enjoy my life and my pictures.  I enjoy them too.

I spent the other day watching Jasmin Star on Escalate Live.  It was so much fun to listen to her talk.  She has a wonderful blog, and she has such a fun personality.  I love her photography, and all the information she gives to others.  The important message she was trying to send out to others is that blogging helped her to connect to an audience.  This audience in turn helps her to gain customers.  She blogs about whatever she wants, and has fun doing it.  That is always how I felt about my blog.  Sometimes I blog about my family, my fears, my anger and frustration, my sewing projects, my store, my cooking or my life.  Whatever I blog about, it reflects what i am thinking and doing.  There are times, when I go back and read some of the things I blogged about and I laugh.  I even printed out last years blog as a pdf file to give to the kids one day.  A blog is supposed to be fun and about you.  There is no right way or wrong way to maintain a blog.  It’s a reflection of me.  It is whatever I want it to be.  It is special.

Today, my uncle got his new camera a Canon 5D Mark II.  He is a professional photographer, and for as long as I can remember he has had a camera in his hand.  I wish I showed some interest in it back when I lived with my grandmother.  He could have taught me a few things.  I know he is going to be extremely excited in the next few days, because although that camera is extremely expensive, it is awesome.  I, on the other hand, only got to calibrate my monitor today.  For all the non-photographers out there, it basically consists of a software and a device that is attached to your monitor and adjusts colors and lighting.  It does this so that you can see color casts as they actually appear.  Please by all means, feel free to critique my pictures if you see a purple skinned little boy on your monitor.  LOL.  The Mac is very bright, and the first thing I noticed is how it adjusted my brightness.  It will be interesting to look at some of my pics and see if my mac calibration did a good job.  I have a funny feeling it did.

Ok, it is time to disengage.  Grey’s Anatomy is on, and I can barely breathe.  I cannot concentrate on writing anymore, so here is wishing everyone a good night.

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