Things that made me smile today…..
– spending time with Olivia
– hearing her say “Olivia can help make Nicolas’ lunch”
– this gorgeous weather

WOW, what a gorgeous day.  My hydrangeas are in full bloom, and the sky is such a beautiful shade of blue, with not a drop of humidity anywhere.  Wonderful.  It could stay like this all summer. The temperatures are supposed to reach 90 today, but when the humidity is not there, it just feels a heck of a lot more comfortable.

I am so happy that my plan to do more sewing this week is really working.  I thought for sure, I would agonize over every little cookie crumb, but I have managed to keep the scales balanced.  Now all I need to do is work on getting more sleep.  I just cannot get myself into bed before midnight.  Frustrating.  I have to work on it.  The kids need me early in the morning, but I so love my time alone at night.  It is so peaceful and relaxing.  Of course, I want my cake and eat it too! HA.  The last ensemble was for my shop and not for Olivia.  I wanted to try something a bit more boutiquey!  Personally on Olivia I prefer “Less is best”.  I do like the fit of this pattern, but it is a bit frilly for my taste.  However, there are a ton of customers out there that really like this sort of clothing, so why not cater to them.  I hope it sells, because I would like to save up some money and buy myself something nice.  The next project on my Sewing Worksheet is a 4th of July ensemble.  I cannot wait to get moving on that one.  It has been in my head for quite some time.  I will be making one for Olivia, and two size ranges for my shop.  I am getting anxious to finish them.   Going to pick up some supplies today with the kids.

On another note, I will be spending the summer with my family again in California.  I am taking my laptop, so hopefully I will find some time to blog.  My hubby will be coming home and will meet us in sunny CAL-I-Forn-I-Aaaaa!  We are very excited about our plans.  I guess you can tell.   This year has passed by so quickly, so it is important to take some time for yourself, and enjoy the moments…..

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