Things that made me smile…..
– LADIES night with some really great friends
– a rainy day perfect for lots of family togetherness
– a clean house
– finding a gem

Granted, when I saw the rain and heard the thunder this morning, that would not allow me to sleep any longer, I was not a happy camper.  My backyard was flooded, and my terrace was full of baby frogs trying to escape the flood.  It was horribly humid, and I could not help but wonder what I was going to do with the kids all day.  I spent yesterday getting the house clean, so that our babysitter would not get the wrong impression, grateful that my Sunday was free to do other things.   I had planned on getting up to Target and buying the kids an ice cream, but those plans faded as the day wore on.  Instead we spent the day watching movies, eating popcorn, while I got some much needed ironing out of the way.  I even cut out my next project in the hopes that I could finally get a few sewing ideas out of the way.  

Yesterday, I got to spend the night out with some good friends.  We laughed and talked, had a few margaritas (frozen strawberry) and I really enjoyed it.  Although not everyone showed up, we found that we could have just as much fun without them.  Even though we did miss the other girls and I cannot wait for our next big reunion.  Never before have I met so many women at one time, as when Nicolas went to daycare.  Unlike the public schools where the parents wait in their cars, at daycare all the parents had to wait until 11:00pm in the lobby, and then we were able to fetch our kids.  We all waited in the lobby together until we were allowed to sign in, and pick the kids up.  After time, we got to meet each other, and several of us bonded and got together for play dates.  It was fun, and I am incredibly grateful to be surrounded by such a wonderful group of women.  Of course, in the meantime, several of my friends have moved away, and several moved on, but the memories are still there, and when we do get together and meet up it is always special and lots of fun. 

The perfect ending to this day came when I was looking for a DVD I recently burned.  I set out to find this DVD, and although I never did I found something even better.  Years ago, my father took his old 8mm video tapes to a professional who then burned them onto a Videocassette.  Those videocassette are gone.  Nobody knows where they are, but luckily my father had them burned onto DVD’s and gave both my sister and myself a set.  I honestly had no recollection of any DVD’s, but since I do not throw anything away, guess what I found this morning?  Yup, so I spent most of the morning, copying these DVD’s onto my backup harddrive and copying more CD’s for my parents.  I am looking forward to having a family night with them soon and watching these very old, very precious, and very special DVD’s.  

The friend who holds your hand and says the wrong thing is made of dearer stuff than the one who stays away.  ~Barbara Kingsolver

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