Things that made me smile today….
balancing my time
– getting to know the neighborhood
– the trampoline, because it is the best thing we have ever bought for the kids
– my IMAC, I just love it.

I managed to get the house clean yesterday, and edit some pictures, but my sewing machine never got turned on.  I am struggling with finding “me” time lately.   Although photography is a lot of fun, and I spend way too much time staring at my lovely pictures, it is getting to be a bit frustrating.  I miss the companionship I had with sewing.  I made a ton of friends on different forums, and with every garment that I whipped up, these ladies were always willing to leave some nice words for me to smile at.  So many people shared their secrets, and taught others to do as “they do”.  I am not finding this in the photography world, and even though all I want to do is take wonderful pictures of my kids, it seems as if I don’t get the same satisfaction.  Oh don’t get me wrong, my family does a great job of critiquing me, but it is hard to grow and learn when there are no teachers to guide you.  I will continue to teach myself as much I can, and maybe take a few courses to hopefully feel like I have progressed somewhat.   I just miss my sewing world.  Of course, if I look at this positively, now I can take wonderful pictures of my sewing garments and my children.   

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