Things that made me smile today…..

– Olivia telling me that “I will give you my hunnies….(money)”
– It’s Friday! YES.
– Spending the morning with Carter’s Cubs for a special mommy day
– finally getting some of the pictures to look nice after hours of editing dilemmas
– finding our unbelievably way too expensive cordless earphones hidden in the garage – thanks Olivia.
– treating ourselves to Baskin Robbins last night
giving all the teachers a very nice gift.

So, a big thanks goes out to Sarah for giving me this wonderful idea for a Teachers Appreciation Gift.    I gave most of my daughters preschool teachers gift certificates.  I assume they will get more smiles out of that, then more candles, snacks and junk.  For Nicolas’ teacher I bought her a huge lemonade jug, lemonade, two matching plates, and four glasses and a silverware holder for an outside picnic.  The only thing missing was the food and a blanket,  I am sure she will like it, and I was happy to buy this very nice lady such a grand gift.  She has really been fantastic to Nicolas, and she adores him.  He adores her too.  He demanded on making the card, and wrote in the front “I love you”.  On the inside he wrote, “I will miss you this smear (summer)!”

As you can see the kids could not wait to cut down my roses and bring them to the teachers.  They were both excited about this week.  I am sure they forgot completely that this weekend is Mother’s Day.  Speaking of which, so did I.  Thank goodness his teacher wrote me a note asking me if I was still coming this Friday.  Of course, I forgot about my mom.  I have had her gift picked out for quite some time, and now I know it will be late.  I have not been feeling too good this week, and I have had problems sleeping.  Too much on my mind I guess.  I have less then 5 hours of sleep for the last three nights.  Since tomorrow is no school, I will most likely take something tonight to help me fall asleep.  Aaaaah……the pure thought makes me want to hit the pillow.

Ok, have to tend to the house and the kids.  Hope everyone has a happy Mothers Day this weekend.  I intend on hitting the beach weather permitting.  

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