Things that made me smile today…..
taking a nice nap
– a great italian lunch with tomatoes and mozzarella, and fresh basil from the garden
– sticking to my diet
– joining Shuttermom University (Thanks Dianne)
– taking some more shots of the kids

Took this picture way too dark, but I had to keep it.  A really great smile.  It is not easy to expose properly when your subject is standing in the shade.  Of course the background is totally blown, but I finally decided it could be a great black and white.

Same picture without the smile, and taken with the flash set to -1/3exp.  I definitely got a better picture but his face was lit up a bit too much for my taste.  

Olivia was even further in the shade, so in this case I think except her hair being so shiny the picture turned out fine.  

They can’t all be pretty!  LOL.

Or willing.

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