I have been rather tired this week.  Although I got 9.5 hours of sleep yesterday, my mood was no better, and my energy levels were horrible.  I am working out, and I know this is not PMS.  So, what is it?  My conclusion:  I want to sew.  I don’t want to clean or do laundry.  I don’t want to go out with the kids and play.  Nope all I want to do is sew.  It is then, that I shut down, and refuse to be productive because I want to be selfish.  Seriously, sewing is addictive.  I always find when I start a sewing project, I get like this.  I just want to finish it.  Last night in bed, I thought about it.  I have to learn to multitask my sewing.  It should not be a problem because I multitask all day long.  I clean and think about what is for dinner.  I make beds, and put a load of wash in at the same time.  I fold laundry and iron.  So why can’t I clean and sew at the same time?  Once, I cut out a pattern, and it is sitting on my table, I find myself drawn to my sewing room all the time.  I leave the dishes in the sink, the vacuum parked in the kitchen, and everything is ignored.  Taking the car to the dealership is dropped, and everything else important, and I mean really important is just ignored.  Bad, addictive behavior, and I have to change it.  I think that is why I go weeks without sewing.  Guilt overcomes me when I sew.  I cannot seriously consider sewing when I know it is time to feed the kids.  Yes I do.  That is when I start biting at my nails, and I know the feeling that is about to take over this body.  Sounds incredibly silly doesn’t it?  So, today I am about to make the first change, and although I have pants cut out for Olivia, I will not sew until my dishes are washed, and I have done something fun with the kids.  Let’s see if it works.

Did I honestly say I was in good shape?  No, well that is good, because we took a bike ride around 11:30am, and it whooped my butt.  No lie.  I was pouring sweat – so much so that I could not see the road anymore, and my thighs were killing me.  No wonder I keep gaining weight.  Time to increase the pace, and move a bit more then I have been doing.  I was wiped out.  I was in pain.  I was exhausted.  Of course, it did not help that my tires needed air and I was pulling Olivia along behind me.  Her comment “Mommy, I am not tired at all!”  LOL.  No, I cannot imagine that you would be sweetie, and Nicolas answered “No Olivia, you just enjoyed ride”.  

So my dishes are clean, and the house looks pretty good.  Dinner is cooked, and homework is finished.  I have enjoyed this beautiful sunny day outside with the kids, and now I get to enjoy my sewing project and sewing machines.  Here is a small idea of what I am working on….


I intend on making these shorts for Nicolas out of a few denim pieces I have.  He is absolutely in love with the guitar shirt, so that is also something I have to make.  The shirt is for Olivia.  I love the fabric they used in the magazine, but I think I have something else that will fit the picture.  I also have an idea for a 4th of July dress.  I want to get moving on that one soon so I can sell a few of them in my Etsy Shop.  Day 1# of my multitasking addictive behavior went well.  Lets see how I do during this week.  By the way, I am still tired.  What could it be?

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