As much as I enjoyed our weekend and all the fun, I so enjoy quiet Sundays.  Just a slow easy schedule, with nothing important to do but laugh and smile and rest.  Sundays are family days for me.  I always try to prepare a good nutritious meal, read to the kids, listen to relaxing music and enjoy the one-on-one time with the family.  That is what I got today.  We spent most of the day outside in this gorgeous spring weather, and then grilled a fantastic tenderloin steak for dinner.  The only thing missing was DH and an hour or so of sewing time, but hey…….you can’t have everything.  I am so looking forward to this week, because I have accomplished so many things, that I can finally get around to do something I want to do.

Here are a few more pics of the babies at Reese’s b-day party from Saturday.  Hope everyone else had a wonderful simple Sunday.

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