Wondering what a moi-yo-ich day is?  It’s a me day.  A well-deserved day all to myself.  No cleaning, no washing, no gardening, no errands.  Hard but doable.  I seriously had my doubts that I would get a sewing day, and I did not sit down until 11pm.  I almost did not sit down at all, because the kids are having a terrible time with their sinuses, and Nicolas’ teacher emailed me that Nicolas was coughing in class a lot.  So I called the doctor, and according to her, I had done everything right, and there was no other medicine I could give him.  So I left him in school, coughing, but ok.
So what did I sew?  Take a guess.  LOL.  Sorry for bad angle on this picture, but he would not take them off.  He does have a cute butt though.  LOL.  The green fabric is a really nice soft jersey, and the moment he put them on, he just loved them.  These are the Ottobre 4/04  Boys Boxer shorts.  They along with another pair I tried to finish today are going to be his summer pi’s.  I also tried to paint a stencil on a t-shirt.  It was hard, and although it did not turn out anything like I wanted, the important thing is that he loves it.
No I am not an artist, and that is quite obvious.  I used a stencil that I got from the internet, copied it to wax paper, and then painted.  It looks a lot easier then it is.  I will have to do some research before I do this again.  I bought the T-shirt at Target.  

Yup – DESSERT – YUM.  The kids never say no to this.
I had a peaceful day today.  I did not worry about things that needed to get done, or how dirty my floors are, I just sat back and let my machine purr while I created a smile for me and my son.  Tomorrow I will have to play catch-up, but that is ok.

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