Another PS lesson I learned today.  I think it would work great if you are taking shots from a tripod, however I did not, therefore the seamless binding was not as seamless as I had hoped for.  Oh well, it was a quick easy lesson, and I was able to make a great photo out of two somewhat mediocre pictures.  

The first thing I did was bring in both pictures and convert the background image into Layer O.   Then I used the Auto-Align tool under the Edit menu to align both pictures.  I obviously had to crop both pictures since I did not hold the camera at the same angle for both shots.

Next, I hid Layer 0 and used the Marquee tool to get rid of the section of the picture that I wanted to delete.  
Then I did the same thing with Layer 1.
Making both layers visible, I can already see my progress.  Fantastic.

The last step was not so satisfactory for me.  The blend was awful, however I used the Auto-Blend option under the Edit menu.
I ended up cropping the picture, and fixing the seams myself, and the above picture was the end result.  WOW.  PS4 is unbelievable. 

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