Another goodbye.  Lance left this morning, and although this is our third round of goodbyes since last year it just does not get any easier.  We manage to keep them short, allowing the kids to watch tv in the car, so they barely notice him or the airport.  Or is it just because they know now that he is definitely coming back that they make no big deal out of it.  Whatever the case, I kept myself busy all day so I would not think about him.  The weather helps me stay in a good mood.  I sat outside with my son and ate lunch on the patio.  Then I cleaned, and picked up Olivia.  The moment she jumped out of the car, she went running to the front door and rang the doorbell.  This has become a new habit of hers ever since he arrived.  She always knew that one of us was home to open the door.  She finally gave up and walked through the garage door, asked me where daddy was, and when I told her that he had gone bye-bye, she started to cry.  I knew it was not going to be easy for her.  She enjoys having both of her parents there at all times.  She knows she can always turn to one of us in a time of crisis, and boy oh boy do 3 year olds have a lot of crises.   LOL.  I bought the kids some cupcakes knowing what was going to happen.  A mom should be prepared for the worst, and I knew I had to keep them smiling for most of the day.  Soon, they will get used to things the way it was.  Soon.

At least I know that this year will be different, and I will be able to see him every three months. Somehow this thought, makes it feel like he will be here again before I know it. 

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