As you can see, I have a small kitchen.  Three drawers and seven cabinets.  
Therefore it is imperative I keep it organized to be able to function in this room.  
The other side of the kitchen is no larger, and it includes my refrigerator, dishwasher and sink.    
Can you tell what I am having for dinner?  Tacos is correct.
The first thing I did was move most of my dishes and things into the pantry.  
The shelves are deep and high.  Dishes are easier to stack.  
Food just got lost in here.  
After I removed everything from the pantry I threw away three large garbage bags of food. 
 Yup, that is not a pretty thought.

The food was then placed in these cabinets.  Believe it or not, the dishes and glasses filled this entire cabinet.  
After I switched cabinets, I was able to stack all the dishes and glasses on two of the pantry shelves.  

Here I have boxed goodies on one side, and baking goodies on the other. 
 It is great to have a high shelf to keep things away from the children.

On the bottom shelves, I put bread and pasta and cereal, as well as snacks the kids are allowed to eat.
Stacked pots are on the other side.  I use the lids to stack the pots nicely.
Above the pots are all the things I need for cooking, i.e. spices, oils, vinegars, other misc. objects.

On the bottom of the pantry, I keep extras, as well as my potatoes and onions in wicker baskets.

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