Things that made me smile today…..
– returning Xmas items
– knocking five things off of my ToDoList
– Relaxing 
– Opening Kinder Kouture again

Wow, my sinuses are going crazy today.  Runny nose, itchy nose, runny eyes, and just plain miserable.  I was so happy when the sun went down.  I could not imagine all day what was causing this stir in my head until I sat outside waiting for Nicolas to come home, and noticed the green pollen all over my outside chairs.  It was an “A-Ha” moment.  I guess I am suffering from hay fever and springtime is definitely right around the corner.  In less then three days, the weather has warmed up, and the trees are all abloom.  Amazing how Mother Nature works.  Not even a week ago, it was 45 degrees outside, and snowing in Dallas Texas.  Yes, our weather has been crazy this year.  Amen to that.

I spent the morning posting a whole bunch of Olivia’s clothing and other expensive things on Ebay for sale, including her Easter Dress she is wearing in the above picture.  No Olivia is not for sale.  LOL.  The dress is so beautiful, and I hope it sells.  I want it to have a nice home.  The dress overlaps in the back and buttons, which makes the back of the dress just as beautiful as the front.  LOL.

I also opened up my shop again in the hopes to sell those cute Easter Bunnies I made.  I am trying to make some money for the new camera I want to buy.  Wish me luck.  

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