Things that made me happy today…..
– the warmth of the sun, and the hope of spring coming soon
– getting Nicolas’ furniture set up exactly like I wanted
– Curry chicken for dinner
– my camera
– finding my sunglasses, which I thought were lost forever

We are definitely enjoying our time together.  Thanks for the compliments on the new “doo”.  LOL.  That was a real disaster, and thank goodness my mom was here to fix it.  I was seriously scared of myself when I got home.  I did not think I could get it to look nice.  Although it is a lot shorter then I wanted, I am happy with the cut.  Relief.  
I am looking forward to sewing some spring things.  I see all these wonderful pics on Flickr and Etsy, and I can barely sleep at night.  Oh well, I am enjoying my company right now and the fun we are having with the kids.  All the smiles and giggles cannot be replaced by a Bernina.

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