Things that made me happy today…..
– seeing the children sooooooo happy.
– talking to Lance today
– making sure a good friend was ok without me (I miss her a bunch).
– knowing my bday surprise may come early.
– beating my mom in SCRABBLE.
– eating Banana Splits because the weather demanded it.
– my moms cooking.

I am afraid that I will be MIA for awhile, because whenever my mom comes to visit, we stay busy from dawn to dusk.  In the morning I am usually busy with the kids, and at night, my mom challenges me to a game of SCRABBLE.  Normally, she really kicks my butt, but I am proud to say that last night I actually beat her.  Only by +1 point, but hey I beat her.  Whenever I get a free moment I will be sure to post pictures and say hello.  I want to take advantage of the time I have with her, and not sit at the computer which I am sure everyone will understand. 

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