No, I don’t have a horse.  Yes, I do like horses.
The truth is this:  I wanted to photograph horses.  So I put Nicolas in the car, and before we met some friends tonight, we took a drive and got to know our city.  We found a beautiful house with three lovely horses drinking water.  We stopped the car, and pulled out my camera and started to shoot.  Then we drove to the other side of town, and I saw a woman walking a horse.  I will post those pictures tomorrow.  Nicolas and I had a lot of fun, met some new people, and I got to fulfill my need of photographing horses.  They are beautiful creatures, aren’t they?  I never realized how much the cars scare them, but they do, and if I did not park the car out of sight, they all went running.  This was also the second day in the last few months in which we could enjoy the weather.  Cold is on the way, and according to mom, who is currently spending a few days with friends in Dallas, it is snowing there.  So I am glad I took advantage of the weather, the lovely creatures, and the special moments I spent with my son.

BTW, I got a few compliments on my blog.  Thank you.  It is sort of my design.  I used a one-column design and changed it around a bit.  I brought in the background (available at Sassy Designs), and created the logo, the colors all by myself.  I am saddened that immediately after I released my blog design, it was posted on Etsy for sale.  If you are interested in the html code, just send me an email and I will be happy to send it to you.

Things that made me happy today……
– Laughing with friends
– seeing an internet friend  of mine start a new venture, which I am sure will be successful.
– driving around on a beautiful sunny day
– amusing my son and myself by photographing these beautiful horses.

I have an extra ULLA Mamu Pattern, and if anyone would like to buy it, I will gladly mail it to them for the price of the pattern, and shipping is on me.  

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