I finally finished Nicolas’ PJ set.  I just love this pattern.  I finished it in less then 2 hours.  It is amazing how fast and how much better I sew during the day, when the kids are not around.  I dropped Olivia off today at daycare and decided that I deserve some sewing time.  I completed the pants, and almost finished the top before the 2.5 hours were over.  The fabric is so nice to work with, and such an excellent quality flannel.  Seriously, when you see some Flannel sheets on sale at Target, grab them.  You can make at least six pairs of pajamas out of a Queen size set.  Here are some more pictures, and before I forget to mention it, Nicolas was hit by a swing this weekend.  It gave him  several bloody noses and a very fat lip.  The poor baby.  It could have been so much worse, but that explains his face in these pictures.  By the way, Olivia is feeling better.  I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out why she has been so cranky, and has had a runny nose for the last two months.  I finally decided Friday morning that I was not going to feed her anymore Zyrtec.  She had nine ear infections last year, so we have kept her on the Zyrtec to protect her from ear infections.  Well believe it or not, she is a completely different child.  I replaced the Zyrtec with Benadryl, and she has been so happy, and so loveable, that we can hardly believe it.  Even my friends are just in awe at this 180 degree turn she took.  I hope it was not a coincidence.  I hope we solved our little problem of crankiness, clinginess and whininess.  Her nose stopped running on Saturday afternoon.  Coincidence.  Whatever.  I will take it.


I wish I had more to show you, but all I keep reading in all these lovely blogs is that nothing is going on.  I guess we are all “inbetween seasons”.  It is really hard to sew summer things, when the temperature is still around the freezing mark.  It just has to warm up soon.