Well, the news is final.  My hubby goes to Iraq in April for one year.  I have mixed emotions about the whole thing, and I guess I should explain that.  First of all, we volunteered.  He is a civilian, and knowing that we would have to sell our house this year, we decided for both the career and our future savings account, we needed to get an overseas assignment.  When nothing happened, we discussed going to Iraq.  It will be especially hard on Nicolas, but the money we will earn over there will help us make up for our loss on this Florida home, and our 401K plan.  The economy is not going to get any better soon, so while the kids are still very young we felt we had to do this.

He does get to come home every 90 days for 10 days, so although we won’t be spending Easter or Christmas together, at least we get to see him more often then alot of military families get to see their loved ones.  When the year is over, he will be promoted, and have a choice assignment.  Of course, we put in for Germany, England, Italy and Japan.  I think Japan would be exciting and fun, especially for the kids.  If we cannot get those four choices, then we want Dallas, or Seattle.  We won’t find out for a very long time, so no need getting my hopes up.  Selling our house is going to be a huge problem.  We bought right after Katrina, and moved 110 miles away from the base just to avoid these overinflated prices, however still paying too much for the house.  There was nothing to rent at the time, and we spent three months in a hotel.  It is just our luck that the economy has to go downhill at this time.  We spent alot of money upgrading the house, and most likely will lose that in the end too.  It is pretty hard to swallow a 30-40K loss.  Most of our friends have some kind of military background, and they are all in the same boat.  Being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  

So, I miss him already especially after a day like today with the kids.  Yes, the bug has bit me in the head, and I feel like it is about to pop any minute.  I am not going to whine after dealing with the stomach bug.  This one is a walk in the park comparitively speaking of course.  I don’t like having colds anymore, because my heart condition will not allow me to take any decongestants.  Walking around with your mouth open all day is no fun. LOL.  Anyways, when the kids act up and I am sick I miss my husband the most.  The fact that my best friend won’t be there to talk to for awhile is alittle hard to swallow as well.  He is my relief on the weekends, and my helper in the house.   He is my fun, our daddy, and most all my friend.  However, I admire him even more for the hardship that he will have to endure, the loniless, and not being able to watch his little ones grow up for a year.    I admire him for doing this for the kids and me.