Spent the day cleaning, working on my taxes and finally taking a nice trip to the park with the kids.  We had fun.  The weather was chilly, but perfect for two little ones to run around.  I am afraid that both of the kids have the flu again.  Nicolas is almost over it, but Olivia started on Friday night with the fever.  Running around the park sure did keep their mind off of how they were feeling, and the fresh air did all of us good.  My husband and I spent the entire trip running after Olivia while she walked through this big maze of wooden beams that led to slides, bridges and tunnels.  Everytime she reached a slide, she would begin to cry, and one of us had to become a kid again and rescue her.  Fun!  We left late, ate dinner late, and got the kids to bed late, but it was worth it.  Now I am off to finish another project and will probably post pictures tonight.