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Thank goodness for Publix grocery stores.  Never heard of them?  Well me neither  did I, until I came to Florida.  They finally opened a store next to our local Target, and although they are more expensive then Wal-Mart, they are so much better.  They have a fresh bakery, a butcher, and someone always working the produce section.  I love to buy their bread (Harvest Grain) still warm from the oven, and then go through their selection of european cold cuts.  Add a little french cheese, some grapes, sliced tomatoes and nice warm cup of tea, and we all sit down for a great german meal.  Of course, I cannot forget to mention the german pickles, which are by the way so different then our american dill pickles.  However, both have their advantages.  The german pickles are a bit sweeter then the american dill pickles.  It goes together well with salami and mottadella.  The dill pickles are great with grilled cheese and hamburgers.  Like I said, both good, but with this european meal, we prefer the german ones.  

I hope this chain of “quality” goods lasts through these hard times.  Their produce is always great and fresh, and their meats are fantastic.  Freshly cut by their butcher, and a completely different choice then you can get everywhere else.  Today I picked up their special.  Publix offered a 2ft’ long pork loin as is, or packaged individually as a roast, several packages of chops, tenderloin steaks, and stew meat.  A whopping $15.  Not bad.  My freezer has enough meat for the next month.

I just could not resist coming home and cooking a fresh chicken soup after seeing all that fresh produce.  I know that Nicolas will appreciate the freshness and warmth of a homemade soup after fighting this horrible cough.  Well, at least I hope he does.  As for the rest of us, it could do no harm having a healthy meal to fight off all this bad bacteria.


Click to enlargeAnother small thing that makes this family very happy is our little duck called popcorn from Gund.  Meet “duckie”.  You probably have noticed that Olivia carries it around almost all day, and I have a hard time photographing her without it.  Of course, our duckie looks nothing like the above anymore.  It has become somewhat of an embaressment to carry her around.  Olivia got this duck as an infant, and it has become her best friend.  She will not sleep without it, nor drive in the car, and whereever we go “ducky” comes with us.  Everyone knows “duckie”, and if Olivia loses it, everyone in the school knows exactly who it belongs to.  I have looked high and low to buy her a replacement “duckie”.  I have not been able to find anything until the other day, when I found this one on Ebay.  I made sure to write the owner about how happy she is making this family by giving us another two years with this “other member” of the family.



Last but not least, I realized a hug is worth a thousand words.  My daughter gave me a big hug after changing her diaper, and as I hugged back and felt her bare back, and smelled her soft baby skin, I realized that this little bit of effort filled me with alot of happiness.  So give a hug to someone you love or hate for that matter, because it is the little things that count the most.  It will put a smile on your face.