Dreadful!  I am tired of writing about the same old thing, but geez Louise can we please get on with life.  I feel like our “wintry” existence has to include at least one round of the Flu.  I think this trend is alarming.  I don’t remember growing up with the flu more then twice in my life.  I brought the kids to see the doctor, and basically Nicolas has had a fever for two straight days, which could go on for another 24 hours.  He shows no signs of  a head cold.  It has gone straight to his chest.   And Miss O. is just fighting allergies with her three-week runny nose.  The doctor said it could be far worse, because they have seen nothing but strept throat cases all week.   Thank goodness the nurse just finished cleaning our room and spraying everything with Lysol.  Being at the doctor worries me more then anything else.

Needless to say, my sewing is coming along rather slowly.  While Olivia napped, I had to deal with Nicolas having a 103 fever spike.  I had given him Motrin in the morning, so I gave him Tylenol, and after an hour I stuck him in a cold bathtub.  He had red cheeks and grey sunken eyes, and he was shivering.  After the bath he felt much better, and his temperature dropped to 99.8.  When my husband walked through the door I was so exhausted from the long day that I just wanted to fall into bed.

It was a great idea to cut all that fabric over the weekend.  I was exhausted from standing on my  feet all day.  I cooked three full meals wanting to spoil the kids and ensure proper nutrition.   Although I did not get into my sewing room until 9pm, I managed to sew for a good hour.  I usually cannot find the strength to do the tracing and cutting at night, so this works out really good.  Especially because the kids will probably be home all week and my sewing time will be limited to nights.  This morning started at 5:30am so I cannot wait to see them drop into bed tonight.

A new japanese children’s sewing book has arrived.  Icewerks posted it on her site.  I will just show one small picture. Go check out the rest.

I found this dress on Flickr for a baby, and I think it is so cute.

  I love this fabric.  I think it would look lovely on a chair in a kitchen. My mother has two big high back chairs at her kitchen table.  They have wheels on the legs, so they are extremely comfortable and everyone fights to sit on them.

I just got a glimpse of Lila Tueller’s newest fabric, and I love it! The colors are gorgeous. I cannot wait to get my hands on this one.