I expected to get up this morning, and put both kids in school, so I could enjoy the morning sewing.  I even had a park playdate planned, but my poor little ds woke up with a fever and a horrible cold.  We spent much of the morning in bed watching cartoons, and when the weather warmed up, we went outside to play.  So, although I did not get my wish, I grabbed my cutting table and cut out a few more patterns and watched the children have some fun.  Hopefully things will be better tomorrow.

I decided to cut out alot of patterns, and make myself a “Design Planner” so that I can keep track of all those “crazy” things going on in my head.  Sometimes I buy fabric and forget a few weeks later what my intentions were.  It is extremely frustrating.   Way too much going on in that head of mine.

So here it goes.  With the help of Photoshop, I cut and pasted a few things together to give you an idea of what my plans are.  It ended up looking really cool, and I printed out the ideas, so I knew what my plans were for the next two weeks.

pink-baby-jeans This is going to be a test pair of jeans to check width and length.  If they are too short, then I will add a white piece of swiss edging to the bottom pant.  The topstitching will be white.maya-blouse-with-fabric3This is just something I always wanted to make from the Ottobre magazines, so I will try it.  I added 2 inches to the length, and I will use snaps down the front.  The print is a euro poplin.  Very bright and so springy.


I am making a simple A line dress out of the apples, but because I do not have a line drawing for my dresses, I just took one from the Ottobre pdf files.   The round neck dress is perfect for this big print, but again I am not using the Ottobre pattern.  I want to make a dress, and I want alot more fullness, so I am using another pattern.  


I love the red and white print.  So summery.  I am going to make either a matching belt for the jeans, or ruffles around the pockets.  I cannot decide yet which one I want.  I love this Simplicity pattern.  It has ties in the back to bring in the width.  


This is a wonderful simple white cotton with tiny blue and green flowers.  I love it, and I may even make a dress out of it too.