Some of you may be asking where I have been?  Well, it has not been on the computer or in my sewing room.  I found myself in some kind of slump.  Tired all week.  Going to sleep around 9:00pm and waking up about 9 hours later.  No energy and towards the end of the week a really bad tummy ache.  Yes, once again a small stomach virus got ahold of my system, and thank god, only stuck around for 24 hours.  So, although I have stuffed myself with healthy food, vitamins and lots of water, I fell victim once again to this nasty bug.

On Saturday, hubby was nice enough to entertain the kids, while I sat in front of the tv tracing one pattern after another.  I have lots of ideas, but at night I have just been too tired to stand on my feet and accomplish this task.  I traced about 6 patterns, and managed to wash and fold about 8 loads of laundry.  On Sunday, I felt so much better, rising early with the children.  Of course, the weather is fantastic.  Sunny blue skies with a temperature around 73 degrees.  I managed to finally iron away my HUGE laundry pile, that has been occupying my laundry room for at least three months.  My husband helped me finally clean up the garage and put away all of our Christmas things.  YES!  The car is in the garage!  I also colored my hair (the roots looked terrible), and gave myself a pedicure.  That has been way overdue too!  I had another hour left before dinner, so again my husband grabbed the kids and took them to the park, so I could clean up and vacuum through the house.  AAAHHH! I get to relax tonight.  One night a week, I am guaranteed total relaxation.  I owe my husband a really big hug tonight for everything he did for me.  It feels so good to get a few things off my plate, so I can concentrate on other important things.  I still need to do our taxes, pay bills, and mop the floors, but tomorrow is another day.

So there you have it, once again house and children have occupied my time, but in the end it was so worth it.  It was such a relaxing weekend, and I needed it.  I know that I could have sewn all weekend and posted a few items on my shop, but it just was not a priority.  Maybe next weekend.  I did find the time to plan out my next five projects, and maybe I will throw a few hints around and make a few notes when I have the time.  Now it is time to put kiddies to bed, so off I go to read a few good stories.

Teri posted a fantastic blog entry about making heart shaped paper clips.  Please check it out on Mermaids.

Found a cute embroidery design website called Applique for Kids.  This website is filled with the cutest little designs for kids.