I could not be happier today.  Although my little one has a cold – yes again – and is terribly cranky and clingy, I cannot get the smile off my face.  Well, of course she wants her mommy.  I always want my mommy when I am sick too.  Anyways, the reason I am so excited is because the CPSIA bill has been suspended until February 10, 2010.  My heart was seriously hurting this week, because I finished most projects for Olivia’s birthday, and the plan was to make a few Easter dresses for my shop.  I just could not motivate myself knowing the future of my shop, and those of my friends, were going to come to an end in less then two weeks.  So, now that I have an extra year to continue doing what I love to do most, I am ecstatic, full of joy, and loving life right now.

The first thing I did this morning was hand the children to hubby and kiss them all goodbye, so I could buy some much needed fabric and trims and other notions.  This weekend I plan to finish at least one dress, even though I have three dresses in this head of mine.  I also got a FedEx package filled with RK Cool Cords that are so beautiful.  I will probably end up holding onto those until next fall, but I also have some ideas for these fabrics as well.  So forgive me if my blog seems a bit boring lately, but I have things to do.