Ever since I bought this lovely Moda fabric I knew exactly what I wanted to make, and then the final inspiration came when I received my Parents Magazine in the mail.  Of course, my latest issue of Ottobre came in the mail and I put away the pattern I hacked up.  This is the Muru tunic from the 1/2009 Spring Ottobre issue.  Of course, their tunic is made out of knit, and I wanted a cotton version, so I had to tweak the pattern a bit.  I used a larger size, cut my own bindings, and increased the width of the sleeve.  I added piping around the middle, and although I wanted to use buttons, I forgot to put the buttonholes on before I sewed on the skirt.  Now I have to wait for the snaps to arrive in the mail, before I finish it.  It is the perfect match to her pants.  As a matter of fact, I am going to make a pair of red jeans out of the same fabric.  (The colors look a bit off in this picture because I took it at night).  Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to put it on Olivia and get some better pictures.