Oh, I did not like this pattern at all.  Talk about a flop from beginning to end.  First of all, when I finished tracing the pattern, I could tell it was too wide, so I immediately took off about 1/2″ in width.  Then it was too short so I added an 1 inch in length.  However, it ended up being too short anyways, so I took off the ruffle and added a 3 inch piece of red jeans fabric.  In the end, I still did not like the way this pant looked.  There is way too much fabric in the front (and Olivia still wears a diaper) hip area, too much width overall, and it was too short.  Yes, I did cut out the right size.  I am not going to use this pattern again, and hopefully will find another pattern that is more suitable for my needs.  Thank goodness, Oma just bought her a pair of jeans at Janie and Jack.  The fit on those pants is great.