Not much to post today either.  I have been busy doing family things.  My sewing is going slow.  I have been sitting at the computer too much.  Need to turn it off during the day.  The weather has taken a turn again, and we reached a high of 71 degrees, so our Prek group hit the park, and enjoyed the afternoon.  It was hot – the sun I mean.  All the kids got a bit of color today, and my son’s freckles came out.  Everyone had a good time, and I managed to get Olivia in bed for her nap.  

Speaking of Olivia, she had her first day in daycare yesterday.  They said she cried for awhile, but other then that, she did great.  The teachers must have had a great time with her, because when I picked her up her hair was in pigtails.  She also got to glue popcorn onto a paper cut out sheep, which was given to me as I headed out the door.  Today, I had almost no difficulty with her.  She went off on her own and played with the other children, for the entire two hours that we were there.  Our pediatrician told me that daycare would be great for her.  It will help her to learn how to socialize, and hopefully push her to speak more often.  Just like her brother, she is lazy with the tongue, and cannot make alot of sounds.  However, if there is one lesson I learned from Nicolas, that is just to let nature take its course.  Sooner or later, it just comes gushing out, and then you can never get them to stop.  So I will just sit back quietly and wait.

Gummibearjunky has been working on this Farbenmix pattern Tuolummne.  She gives a tuturial, also in English on how to put this pattern together.  She did a great job.  This dress is beautiful.