I did not write about anything yesterday.  I spent the day with the kids, and although I wanted to sew last night, the oldest one did not go to sleep easily, so I did not get much done.  I dreamed a little staring at my fabrics, drew designs in a notebook.  I have alot of ideas, but everytime I open up someone’s shop page or blog, I am intimidated by either the same idea or their incredible creativity.  I like to be original, and use fabrics and patterns that nobody else is selling or wearing.  I love the internet, the blogs and pictures, but when I see something that resembles my idea, it always saddens me.  I can only sew so much, and sew fast.  Being first is that what it is all about?  My husband always says that copying is a form of flattery, but do people always feel that way?  or do they think their creative ideas have been stolen?  So this morning when I read Teri’s blog, I sighed a huge amount of relief.  I know so many of us can relate to this.  I absolutely love it.  So I stole it.  Thanks Teri for sharing.