I finally finished the Onion pattern I was working on, and I finally got the new Ottobre Spring 2009 issue in the mail.  Yippee!  Sometimes, I feel like I spend more time setting up the thread on my sewing machines then sewing!  I love, love, love this pattern (Onion 10011).  All the pattern pieces fit beautifully, and the sizing was perfect! Thank you Astrid for the recommendation.  The fabric is a luscious red velour that I got from Tina on our Yahoo group, and the sweatshirt fabric is from Buntefabrics.  Beautiful fabric.  I will start on the pants tonight.  It is so thick and inside is a wonderful soft knit.  I am really excited about how great this dress turned out.  Can you tell?  When I tried it on Olivia she would not take it off.  She loved the front pocket, and the feel of the fabric.  

The new Ottobre Spring Issue arrived, and I giggled while looking through it.  The patterns are nice, but I have already made alot of these patterns, cutting up older patterns, and redesigning them.    For instance, #8 is the little strawberry top I just posted.  #7 is the little japanese dress I made last year.  #5 is the Valentines dress I made for Olivia last year.  #6 is a Simplicity pattern that I have cut out on my table.  So, I was a bit disappointed that all of these things are a bit old in style, and so many other companies have come out with these patterns last year, but that will not stop me from ordering my next years subscription.  I love the boys stuff.  I wish I could get my hands on some of that cotton poplin that they use.  Everytime I go to Germany, I buy alot of those pants because they are so wearable.  I have never had holes in the knees either.  #22 is great for boys.  I am looking forward to making a few of those.  

I am in the process of catching up on all my blogs, but believe it or not, there is not much sewing going on.  So no new pictures to show tonight.

Additional notes:

I managed to finish another pair of Ottobre Vilkas Pants, size 74 to complete the outfit.  I love this pattern.