I really don’t have much to blog.  I have been busy with life and family.  Cleaning, paying bills, running back and forth to PreSchool and Elementary School.  One of our friends from our Playgroup is leaving to go to North Carolina, so we have been saying goodbye for days now with a Pizza Party, lunch, and solo ladies night out at Chili’s.  Can you believe that it was the first time I went out without the kids or hubby?  We had a great time, and truly will miss her.  Friends are hard to come by, and the five of us really always have a great time together.  We spent most of the time just laughing.

I am working on an Onion Pattern.  I want to make a hoodie out of fleece and a velour dress.  The patterns have been copied, and now all I need to do is sew it together.  I cannot wait to see how this pattern works.

Inspirational pictures I found while blogging:

A cute hoodie for boys from Belliland.  Love the applique.  Wonder where that came from!  Well, she says she recycled it from a tshirt and then appliqued it on a piece of felt.  Great idea!

   A cute little top from ela’s kleine welt.  

And Buntefabrics has some new Hilco fabrics for Spring.  Go see her blog.