Olivia was hard to photograph this morning.  She did not want to stand still, so I had to take alot of pictures to get one that was not blurry.  She still remains difficult these days.  I think her molars could be coming in because she has a diaper rash for a few days.  Anyhoo, I managed to get a few good shots of the dress, so that was all I wanted.

My next projects include:


  • red velour pants
  • pink velour pants
  • fleece pullover  with embroidery and matching pants
  • finish up brown corduroy pants for N.
  • Red Velvet hoodie or dress (still not sure)


 I also fell in love with this shirt on the Title page of the most recent Parents magazine.  I have a wonderful valentines day print that just sat here, because I was not sure what I could do with it.  I knew the moment I saw it, that this would be a perfect pattern for that print.  I don’t know why I have not made that pattern before.  Now can someone sell me some time in a 

Beautiful picture from weather.com.  I could never tire of these scenes.  I guess it is from living so close to the Alps.

This looks comfortable from Lillemor.  

This one comes from Mira