Today was a great Sunday.  The weather was cold and crisp just like I like it.  I had alot of energy after my 6 hours of sleep.  I know .  I did leave the computer and my sewing room at 10:30PM, but when I saw the kitchen, I realized I had some cleaning to do, and then my laundry finished in the dryer, so I folded, and after a little reading the clock read 12:30am.  Aah, I do so enjoy the peace and quiet.   I got up and with a burst of energy cleaned the house.  Oh, did I mention that  my husband has been out of town for the last 10 days, and tomorrow he is coming back.  So the cleaning was necessary.  We finished early, ate a really good lunch, and then relaxed like a family should on Sundays.  I even got to sew, while the little one went down for a nap. 


Great moments to remember.

My son asked me for a cookie after I caught him eating my leftover Christmas Candycane.  “No” I said, “you have had too many sweets today.”

10 minutes later……

“Mom” he said “I am playing Santa Claus, and my bag is full of toys for you and daddy.” 

“That sounds great, tell me when I should go to sleep.”

“Mom, Santa Claus is coming right now, so go to sleep.  But Mom, don’t forget to put the cookies out, or else he won’t leave you any presents!”



I always love to look at this blog, because she has such beautiful pictures of rooms, and so nicely decorated.  This is her new sewing room in her new house.

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