My hubby is 47 today!  Yippee, and we celebrated like a real family.  Nope we did not go out on the town.  Instead, I cooked for about 2.5 hours, and yes my back is killing me.  However, the way to my husbands heart is through his stomach, and he just loves my cooking.  My son and I baked a cake this afternoon, chocolate cake with buttercream frosting, and I made Goulasch and Cucumber Salad with a milk dressing.  We ate a great meal, and had a candlelight birthday  party.  After that the Tickle monster came and chased us all out of the kitchen.  It was a fun day.

I managed to finish my sewing project yesterday, which was the Nasta Pinafore Dress  from Ottobre 4/2008.  I am not happy with it.  No.  I am not happy at all, but it is all my fault.  I misplaced the magazine.  I had cut out the fabric weeks ago, but for some reason, I could not remember that the dress was made out of knit or used a knit binding.  I cut it out of a corduroy fabric, and used a cotton bias binding.  I tried three times to put that binding on the dress, and no can do.  LOL.  The straps were just so small, and I could not get the binding to wrap around the round corners.  I looked everywhere for some tips on what to do, but because I was determined to finish it last night, I finally settled on a red rib knit.  So the pocket has a completely different binding then the upper half of the dress.  Then I could not find a single red button, and when I finally found them, I could not get the buttonhole to work due to the bulky binding.  That is when I quit last night.  Nothing good was going to come out of it.   Today on the other hand, I took my time, and found two red snaps that were left over from a long time ago, and they were the perfect color.  Oh the little things in life that can make us happy.  Of course, the fit is just perfect (better not dry it).  I made the dress one size bigger, however I guess because it is not made out of a knit fabric, I need to increase the size one more time.  Too bad, because I think it would have looked really good as I pictured it in my head for such a long time.

Fabric Shoppe had the cutest little craft idea today.  Check it out.