Tonight, we are supposed to get a cold front which will blow these high 70’s and very humid air out of here.  WooHoo!  I like layers, and hate shorts.  Give me a blazer and a pair of jeans, and I am happy…..I want it to feel like Winter.  I also want to dress my children in some of the clothing they got for Christmas, including a few things I have made.  I am working on a cute Ottobre outfit, but I did not get it done.  Sorry! Although I would like to stay up and finish, I promised myself to get to bed on time tonight.  My son, no matter how late he goes to bed (last night 10:10pm he was still awake) gets up at 6:00am. I have to start getting at least 7 hours a night, because my blood pressure has been high lately.  The little one??? Well she loves to sleep, so she just lays in bed until I get her.  Yes, excellent baby (most of the time).  So although I can not show any pictures just yet, I have a few to share.


Just a cute little something made out of fleece – How cute is that! From Buntenadel.

And another one from Naehkiste von Sabine.