Valentine Shirt
Valentine Shirt



So, I finally finished the Mamu Nike Pattern I was working on.  I was finished with the shirt last night, but I had a funny feeling that it was too short.  As soon as I put it on Olivia this morning, my suspicions were confirmed.  So I added a ruffle to the bottom of the shirt.  I had hoped to sell one of these shirts on my shop, however both of them are not completely up to par for me.  Maybe I will change my mind once Olivia models the finished shirt. The embroidery comes from a website called In the hoop.  It was free.  Here is a detailed shot of the midsection.  Hopefully I will get the pants dones tonight.  The pattern went together beautifully.  Seam allowances were included.  Like I said, it was too short.  I would add at least three inches to the length.  The sleeves were too long for Olivia, but that is nothing unusual.  No measurements were given for the elastic around the neck.  The pattern was very nicely cut around the neck.  The seam allowances were easy to foldover.  I used about 50cm elastic at the neck.  I did not include the tie bands that belong on the sleeve, because the print was so busy.  A red grosgrain ribbon may have looked nice.  Great pattern otherwise.valentine-shirt-details


This one from Tanti Colori.  

These are from Naehkiste von Sabine.  I also read that the blouse is from an Ottobre issue 2/05 or 1/07.  She sewed this and another shirt and a bag in one day, while her kids were visiting Grandmother.  Jeez Louise, I could not get that much done in one day even if stayed up for 24 hours.  Look at all this embroidery.

Beautiful fabric!

Astrid posted a link to a tutorial on the Ottobre Waistband.  Enjoy!

In conclusion to my little 2yr old, and I love that term Velcro Child – I find Olivia to be a very smart child.  I decided this morning after hearing her whine “Mama” for the 100th time, that I was not going to let her ruin my day.  I turned on the vacuum, and started to clean, and by gosh once she noticed that I was ignoring her, she rushed off to find her dolls, and played happily for the next 15 minutes.  Hey, I am not complaining.  15 Minutes are better then none.  A friend of ours, teacher and masters degree in child psychology, told me that most of the “problem children” she encounters, come from homes where no boundries exist, and the children just don’t hear the word “No”.  


and they live

happily ever after.