I was not myself today.  I think my lack of sleep from sewing, and my 2-yr old have gotten the best of my body, and I was just tired today.  Olivia will not leave me alone.  She is always very close behind me saying “Mama, mama, mama” all day.  I don’t know what is wrong.  She would always sit next to me and play with her toys until I joined her.  Now, if I walk out of the room, I have a hysterical child looking for me.  I feel so guilty, and have spent alot of time with her lately.  However, tonight my mood got the best of me, and I yelled at her.  The funny thing is “it worked”.  She started to play with Nicolas, and left me alone to clean the kitchen for 20 minutes.  I could not believe it.  Thank goodness.   Don’t worry it won’t happen again, I intend to get a good nights sleep tonight.   I love my children, and although I don’t really enjoy reading the same books 100 times, or playing the same game over and over, I do everything I can to make them happy.  What is hard for me is to sit still while the house is in shambles.  I don’t even get my bed made some days.  (I hope my grandmother doesn’t read this!)  I think it is important to balance both the house and the children.  I don’t want my children to grow up living like slobs, nor thinking their mom was one.  And of course, it never fails when the house is a wreck, one of my neighbors come over.  Anyhoo, I know this “clinginess” will be over soon, and I cannot wait!  This has been going on for six weeks, and it is wearing me out.  

I bought Nicolas the Cool School Computer from Fisher Price, and I just have to rave about it.  First of all, it connects to the computer.  When he hits the Power switch, no batteries are needed, it just takes over the computer.  I love it, because he can learn while I sit next to him and sew.  It covers Field Trips to various locations, Letters, Art, Math, Science and Habitats.  No games.  It includes a pad, in which you place Alphabet cards, and a pen, so that your child can practice writing.  Leo the lion shows you exactly how the letters are written, and then the child will follow suit.  It is the perfect computer for a toddler to learn.  The art program allows the child to pick different backgrounds, and use stamps to put things on the picture, or to draw things.  It allows you to choose a pen, pencil, eraser or spraypaint can to practice your artwork.  My son plays for hours on this thing.  He has problems writing, so I have to bribe him to practice more.  It also allows your child to set up a storybook.  He fills in the sentences with words from each letter in the alphabet.   It truly is amazing.  I highly recommend it.

In other news, our downtown had a fire last night.  I don’t live in a nice area by any means.  I don’t think there are very many nice places where the military is stationed.  The Navy still has some nice locations.  Well, the downtown area was old and quaint, probably the nicest area of the whole town, and it was sad to see how the winds last night drove this fire to spread through so many buildings.  I am sure I will never see the rebuilding of our downtown, but I sure hope they do it.


Some inspirational pictures:  I love these patches.  A cute bookbag.

An Ottobre dress from 4/2008 from Frieda Fliegenpilz.  


This came from NupNup.

My next project is the Nike pattern from Mamu Designs.  I found some picutres of inspiration before I started.

mamu-design-nikemamu-design-nike-backmamu-design-nike2mamu-design-nike3mamu-design-nike4      Good Night.