Although Christmas is over, I don’t have the heart to throw out a perfectly good Christmas tree, that has barely left a needle on our floor.  After removing the ornaments, I have my husband take it outside and set it down somewhere on the patio, where we can enjoy the smell and the lights for a few more weeks.  The last one stayed with us well into February.  It is especially nice if the weather is cold and snow is still on the ground.

two-surprisesI ordered these books back in the beginning of November.  We thought they were lost, and guess what showed up today. Yippee.

I found this on Frieda Fliegenpilz.  The reason I like it is because I 5yds of the fabric she used for the pants, and I never thought about making pants out of this fabric.  I know the perfect Ottobre pattern for this one.

A picture of Germany right now.  So old, so traditional, so beautiful

The Little Window Shoppe posted a free calendar for 2009.  Take a look here.  It is adorable.

Karen posted a tutorial on Furrowing.  She made the most gorgeous dress with such lovely detailing.  Go visit her site.  

This little dress if from Naehkiste by Sabine