If you are asking yourself “Why does she post so often in one day?”, well it is because I love to blog.  I usually don’t get too much time to sit and enjoy, so I blog as I go.  I also blog from two seperate computers, so I usually have two different entries, depending on what I am doing.  Whenever I find something really cute, or fun or good to eat, I like to keep it in my blog for safekeeping.  I apologize now if it gets on everyone’s nerves, but I consider this blog to be my source of inspiration and fun.  So now that we got that straight, this is what I found today!

Ever go shopping at Kinderkaboodle?  They have the cutest stuff.cocoon-couture-cheeky-squirrel-bean-bag-pinkcocooncouture-owlkindybagpinkcocooncouture-squirrelkindybagpink


I also found a new Embroidery website in Germany called Ginihaus.  Lots of stuff for boys.  Tattoos, which look really cool for boys.tattoo_set2_galerie_klein

A cute german blog with lots of pictures called Naehkiste by Sabine.  ottobrebluse_b_stegigi-ange

This one looks familar.

I also found a beautiful blog called Pinkpicketfence.  She had the most delicious Chicken soup recipe.  I knew I had to try it.  Very cute blog, and the things she makes for her daughter are so lovely and elegant


Chicken veggie soup. (Worth licking the bowl)

my favorite chicken and veggie soup... ahhh

Super Yummy Chicken Veggie (and noodle if you like) Soup

2-4 chicken breasts, boiled and cubed
3 potatoes, cubed
4 14 oz cans chicken broth (keep one)
2 cans ready cut Italian style tomatoes
Cut veggies of your choice. 
(I use mushrooms, carrots, onions, zucchini)
optional: pasta of your choice
garlic (couple cloves pressed or minced)
1 t each, basil and oregano
salt and pepper to taste

Boil potatoes (or some pasta of your choice) until done.  If potatoes, make sure a fork goes into them easily.  Drain.

In a big pot (really big, I tell you, this makes at least 10 servings), add 3 cans of chicken broth,  undrained canned tomatoes and veggies.  Add chicken and potatoes.  Add the garlic, basil and oregano.  I don’t really know how much I use, but I am heavy with the spices.  Add salt and pepper to taste — I like it pepperier, so I don’t add much salt.  Simmer everything until the veggies are tender and the flavors blend.  If you decide to use pasta, add it at the end.  Sometimes I make a little pasta each time I reheat this and add it before serving.  I just don’t like mushy pasta.  That’s why the potatoes are in there.