HAPPY NEW YEAR Everyone!  You have no idea how I welcome the new year. 2008 started out with a dreadful phone call from family regarding my husbands best friend, and cousin dying from esophagus cancer, and my husband having to drive overnight to Kentucky. It ended with the kids getting sick.  Although there were some great moments, most of the year was filled with bad news.    2009 is starting with my parents moving to California,  my husband spending a week at home with family, and finally temperatures that are more like Winter.  No matter what, it has to be better then last year.  I welcome it with all my heart.  I hope everyone had a great time last night, and I wish everyone a very happy and healthy New Year.






This was a gorgeous Christmas gift from Omi in Germany.  The coat is so german.  She knitted the hat.  Once I told Olivia how “pretty” she looked, she brought it to me several times a day to put it on.  I finally had the camera handy, and we took some “pretty pictures”.

I am working on some outfits for her and the shop, so hopefully I will be able to get them done sometime today.  I am also cleaning house, and taking down the Christmas decorations.  The cookies are all eaten

What did I find today:  
The Little Window Shoppe introduced a great recipe for sugar cookies here.
A great Photoshop tutorial on making a professional background of clouds is here.
Farbenmix is introducing a new ribbon come January 9th, 2009.  Jeannette sells the embroidery.