This is the last one, because I am afraid he won’t get much use out of them, if our weather does not change pretty soon.  I found this remnant at JA’s for about $2.50 right after Christmas.  I loved the color, and when I looked for a theme I immediately thought about the soccer embroideries I saw on Stickbaer.  I wanted to add a german Flag, but he decided he wanted the number 10.  I have no idea why.  Tomorrow it will be the number 2.  Even though I knew exactly how to sew this pullover, it was still time consuming, and I spent the last three nights putting it together.  My next project will be to make a pair of black jeans (with knee pads) and yellow topstitching.

I still do not like the collar.  It is so bulky.  I used a black ribknit this time, but I think a cotton fabric would be the best choice to avoid the bulkiness.  However the binding also holds the zipper, and a cotton fabric would be too lightweight.  That is exactly why I did not use a jersey.  I had bought a different zipper, but this pattern needs a 9inch zipper and not 7inches.