Last night, after we finally got the kids to bed, it was my time.  I had just started an embroidery, was watching the Sound of Music (yes, I love that movie) and I was on the computer talking to my Ottobre friends.  Right in the middle of everything fun, everything went dark.  Our electricity was out, and we stumbled around searching for a flashlight or lighter. We stepped outside to see if a storm was brewing, but there was no wind.  We looked out, and saw that our neighbors behind us and in front of us all had electricity???  After finally getting through to the Electric company, we found out that there was a problem with 4 houses on our street, ours being one of them.  We still have no idea what caused it, but the power did not go back on until 10:30pm.  There went my evening, but I am amazed at how much I enjoy the peace of it.  When we were stationed in Turkey, it happened all the time.  I think that is where my candle collection began.  I also bought a chandelier at IKEA which had only candles.  We used to sit underneath the chandelier and play cards with our neighbors.  It was fun, romantic and peaceful.  No TV, no oven, no microwave, no radio, no computers.  Everyone needs a break every once in awhile.  Sometimes, I wish my husband was not such a TV fanatic.  Of course, that would be like asking me to stay away from my sewing room!  Oh goodness, no.

Here are some pictures I found while blogging yesterday.  I am glad that I did not lose them.