Ottobre #28 - 6/2008

Ottobre #28 - 6/2008


A late Christmas gift that never got finished due to the stomach bug invading our home right before Christmas.

Let me first preface this entry with saying that I knew I would not make this pattern exactly as Ottobre had written it.  I found a beautiful piece of green fleece, and combined it with a light blue.  I wanted to cut up this pattern in blocks, however I decided to stick to the look in the magazine, and not include the lining.  My son does not like heavy sweaters.  Why?  Most likely because in Florida you rarely need anything that heavy.  I wanted him to have something he can wear when the temperatures are around 60 degrees.  Here is my patternreview.

Pattern Description:  Outdoor sweater made out of boucle in the magazine.  

Pattern Sizing:  98-104-110-116-122-128

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?  Yes, with minor changes.

 Were the instructions easy to follow?  Not really.  I thought the zipper and collar instructions were a bit vague and very confusing, and of course I figured it out once I finished sewing the collar and zipper into the sweater.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I love the look, and the pattern details.  It was alot of work, but the end product always looks very expensive.  The pockets were much too small.  My advice would be to add at least an inch to the opening.  The length was perfect once I added the binding to the bottom of the sweater.  

Fabric Used: Fleece

Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made: I did not include a lining.  I could have used a lightweight jersey, but our weather does not require any additional layers, so I left it out.  I love the detailing.  Very professional looking.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? As a matter of fact yes.  After cutting out all the pieces, I found a similiar sweater in one of my Ottobre magazines that did not include the zipper, so I wanted to use that pattern next.  However, the sweater turned out great, so I most likely will use the pattern again for the yellow fleece I bought, if I can find a zipper to match.


Alot of work goes into this pattern.  I intend on making it again, just to make it better then the first one.  The sweater looks great except the zipper.  I accidently folded over the top edge of the outer collar before I sewed the zipper in.  This leaves the top of the zipper slightly exposed.  The binding that is used on the zipper is too short.  It needs to be extended.  I am hoping that it will not bother my ds, however it was a mistake that I regret.  Other then that, everything turned out great.  I also did not use an outerwear fabric for the binding or the stripes on the sleeve.  I used the fleece, but did not fold it into bias strips in order to avoid bulk.  I just cut off the seam allowances and used a decorative overlock stitch.  The embroidery I used is from  I will definitely use this pattern again, now that I know how great it looks.

I ended up opening the collar and zipper and reapplying the zipper.  This time the binding folds over the top of the zipper and protects his chin from being scratched.  Much better.  Too bad the binding does not hide the entire zipper on the inside.  The zipper is applied to the binding, so I am not sure how I could avoid that issue.  I will think of something.