I wish I could start this entry by saying the 

– the sun is shining….nope it is raining

– I had a good nights sleep……no I did not sleep until about 5:00am

– I finished my sons pajamas last night…..no I did not do that either.

Instead, my husband and I spent the entire night taking care of Olivia, who most likely caught the stomach bug somewhere.  The poor thing threw up every 15 minutes until 5:30 this morning.  We changed diapers and held her close, while I stuck everything in the washing machine, and managed to do 3 loads of wash last night.  My poor baby said Ouwa, Ouwa all night, which means Boo Boo in german.  She was so frightened about what was going on in that little body, that she screamed everytime she could feel the pain going through her tummy.  What I would not give to trade places with her right now.  No dent in the car, little tantrums, or anything else for that matter is as bad as seeing a baby so sick.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, last night our neighbors came by to say goodbye, and give the kids their Christmas presents.  They both held Olivia for along time.  They intend to visit relatives and take a vacation in NC.  I just hope that they both have not caught this thing, and it ruins their trip.  

Tomorrow will be better, tomorrow will be better, tomorrow will be better.  I know it will, I know it will, I know it will.