As promised, we finished three batches of cookies today.  Nicolas helped me as much as he could.  He loves to put the ingredients together, however the first batch was a total failure.  Even he “yuck”ed at the first bite.  It was a new recipe for Thumbprints, and called for salt.  I hesitated putting the salt into the cookies, and should have stuck to my first instinct.  YUCK!  By the time I finished baking everything, and cleaning up the kitchen, my back was killing me, so again no sewing for today.  I decided to rest because there is way too much going on right now.  However, I did find a very nice blog.

This woman is so incredibly talented, that for the first time – in a long time – I doubted my talent.  I really enjoyed looking through her blog called Gretelies.  Yes it is german, and most of her patterns are Ottobre and Farbenmix.  Beautiful pictures and inspiration on her blog.  Take a look because you will not be disappointed.

Another great tutorial for Photoshop:  How to create a vignette effect