I thought I would spend most of today sewing, or maybe I should say I hoped I could sew all day, however life got in the way, and I did not sew at all.  I started the day cleaning my children’s rooms.  I thought I could finish in under an hour, however it took two.  Then I decided to do some much needed Christmas shopping.  I needed to go shopping for the kids, and since I had to pick up pictures at Wal-Mart, I went there first.  It was crazy!  It was so full, and the lines were so long, that I could not wait to leave the store.  I bought only two gifts there because the toy aisles were empty.  After a long 90 minutes, I hopped over to Target.  AAHHH!  Starbucks first.  That just sets a completely different mood when you have to face these kind of crowds.  The aisles were full of people, but also full of merchandise.  My kind of store.  No lines.  No wait.  I finished in 30 minutes and bought 10 toys for the kids.  I think I am done.

When I got home, I was confronted by my son that wanted to bake cookies.  I baked a few sugar cookies with the kids, and next thing I know it was already dinnertime.  After dinner, baths, singing lullabyes, I sat down and wrote my first computerized Family Christmas Letter.  Then I folded, addressed, signed and licked a ton of envelopes and managed to finish all of our Christmas cards.  Yippee!  I finished just in time to get to bed.

So although I did not sew anything, and I desperately need to get a few things done, I managed to tackle a few very important Christmas items.  Hopefully I will be able to sew again tomorrow.

I found this cute little boys hoodie while blogging some of my favorite german blogs.