I read on another blog how someone had their kids dress up for church as they would on Christmas.  I thought that was such a good idea, that I decided to do the same thing, and have the pictures developed in a hurry so I could include them in my Christmas Cards.  No, I have not finished my cards, nor have I finished shopping, nor have I started baking, nor have I finished one of my sewing items.  YES, I AM STRESSED OUT!  No, not really.  I always seem to manage every year, so this year won’t be any different.  By the way, the jacket Nicolas is wearing was knitted by my mom.  It is a Trachtenjacke.  Directly translated it means that it is a traditional jacket.  You will find almost everyone living in the state of Bavaria, Austria or Switzerland wears these jackets for formal and informal occasions.  Living in Munich for 6 years, I grew very fond of the traditional costume.  My mom did a fantastic job of knitting this sweater.  It made the entire outfit look spectacular.

Here are some more pictures I took of the kids.  I also got a few of Nicolas.  Olivia would not model for mommy this morning.  There were several tantrums thrown.  My goodness, I hope this next year goes fast.  She is wearing on me already.  I am off to sew.